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Why do central banks feel they may need to issue a digital currency ? In most parts of the world we are a long way from being cashless and we are already paying digitally in all sorts of ways. Money directly from central banks will put pressure on commercial banks’ so how can they be motivated to distribute the CBDCs to their customers?

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Digital Identity

HARDTALK with Industry Experts

13 January 2021

Hard-Talk on ISO 20022: a catalyst for payments modernization?

Banks face complex challenges with implementing ISO 20022. We discuss the ‘state-of-the-art’ situation with Stephen Peters and review best approach, the costs/benefits for banks and customers and the ideal route to a successful implementation.
13 November 2020

Hardtalk with Alain Raes: SWIFT & BANKS

SWIFT is moving towards an "account-2-account" positioning. What will be the impact for banks, businesses and ultimately the positioning of SWIFT as service provider?
22 October 2020

Hardtalk with Kalliopi Spyridaki – Data Governance

Check out this hardtalk on data governance between Michael Salmony, executive advisor at equens Worldline, and Kalliopi Spyridaki, chief privacy strategist, Europe & Asia Pacific at SAS.

Upcoming Webinars

9 July 2020

Sharing your Global ISO 20022 Adoption Journey | 9 Jun 2021

We are definitely entering a new era with ISO20022. Many financial institutions are implementing Real-Time Payments schemes on the ISO 20022 standard already. For some, ISO 20022 is just a technical standard. It is exactly that – but it leads to so much more. It is the basis for access to full data across the value chain. Forward thinking institutions know that rich data is now the key...
9 July 2020

CBDC – Why do we need another Euro, another Dollar?

The debate about central banks issuing not only physical notes and coins but now also a digital form of cash is raging across the world. Some see it as a way of answering the threat from Facebook’s Libra/Diem, some see it as a push towards more digitization in a cash-less world.
10 July 2020

Reshaping Treasury Management | TBA

Next generation treasury will of course be increasingly real-time, integrated and automated. Intelligent tools use the data to do projections, support decision making, automate tasks, reduce risks and save costs.

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“As data will be the new lifeline for Financials, a repositioning and integration with other value chains will become essential. Also breaking up existing services and offering services into smaller components are inevitable. We will see an influx of forward integration with third parties and other sectors, as Fintechs are ideally positioned as catalysts and enablers in this process!”

Harry Smorenberg

Member of APC Global Expert Council

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