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18 June 2020
Cow, identity

Digital Identity | 10-Sep-2020

Digital Identity is the basis for all electronic services – not only banking. All websites, online services, IoT, connected cars etc. require that one knows reliably who is talking to who and what the rights of the connected partners are.
9 July 2020

Sharing your Global ISO 20022 Adoption Journey | 9 Jun 2021

We are definitely entering a new era with ISO20022. Many financial institutions are implementing Real-Time Payments schemes on the ISO 20022 standard already. For some, ISO 20022 is just a technical standard. It is exactly that – but it leads to so much more. It is the basis for access to full data across the value chain. Forward thinking institutions know that rich data is now the key...
9 July 2020

CBDC – Why do we need another Euro, another Dollar?

The debate about central banks issuing not only physical notes and coins but now also a digital form of cash is raging across the world. Some see it as a way of answering the threat from Facebook’s Libra/Diem, some see it as a push towards more digitization in a cash-less world.
10 July 2020
Transaction, Digital, API

The New Transactional Ecosystem | 14-Oct-2020

Modern real-time, connected digital services require a flexible, accessible, instant payment backbone. Europe is now rolling out “Instant payments” allowing anyone to be paid within seconds around the clock every day and moment of the year.
10 July 2020

Open Banking – Will the Pandemic Accelerate Adoption?

The global pandemic has accelerated the digital economy and accentuated the need for digital supply chains. Across the world, traditional supply chains have been brought under pressure, either because of the need for people to stay distanced and safe, or through the retreat of global supply chains due to border and travel restrictions. These are conditions that are likely to continue for some time to come. This has created an even more urgent need to deliver more efficient and innovative solutions for connecting buyers and sellers, or consumers to products.
10 July 2020

Data Governance – the key to compete in a digitized financial services | 18-Nov-2020

With our present digital evolution and transformation, scalable and sustainable governance of data is more important than ever. Regulatory regimes such as GDPR, HIPAA, GLBA, or CCPA have put data governance in the news..
10 July 2020

The Economics of Payments Systems – Part 1 | The success of (and competition to) the ‘4-corner-model’ in payments | 17 Dec 2020

From theory to strategy and what next? Three international top experts will discuss the development and discuss the ongoing changes from an economic viewpoint.