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7 October 2020

Hardtalk with Bo Harald: What could be the role of banks?

Check out our interview with Bo Harald, Independent Advisor, Entrepreneur, ex Executive Vice-President of Nordea and Head of Executive Advisors Tieto, Helskinki Finland
28 September 2020

Hardtalk: Digital Identity – Interconnecting Many Solutions or Start Anew?

Check out our interview with Robert Prigge, CEO of Jumio. Should there be global collaboration to interconnect many solutions?
28 September 2020

Hardtalk: Open Banking: Regulator or Market Driven?

Two seasoned experts in the field, Michael Salmony (Europe) and Paul Brisk (APAC) discuss the latest developments in global Open Banking, emerging best practices in the world and debate on the key lessons learned by markets going into Open Banking through impulses from the regulator or from the market itself.