An in-depth view on one of the most significant developments in finance.  



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Next course dates

The next 4-week program will start from 15 February and 15 March 2021. Our live Q & A  sessions are planned within two weeks of starting date. The Q&A dates and times will be announced when registration closes.


Feb 2021
Mar 2021 

"Customers are not seeing Open Banking yet – it is like electricity, customers do not see it, but its use cases are spectacular."
Executive Advisor

Learn from Top Experts
Insider Views Europe & Asia

The course is taught by leading industry experts from Europe and Asia, giving you an insider perspective!
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Michael Salmony
Executive Advisor | equensWorldline SE

Paul Brisk
Managing Director | SmartData Indonesia

Why Choose this course?

Open Banking forces banks towards a fundamental rethink of their traditional banking business model and at the same time enables banking to become more customer centric. Exchanging customer data will create a new eco-system for incumbents and new entrants and will for sure increase competition. More importantly, open banking will facilitate the creation of new products and services that were previously impossible to imagine. The possibilities are innumerable.

This course will not only focus on technology and business changes but also will discuss and lay out scenarios for the future that Open Banking will create. New sources of revenue and new propositions will bring significant advantages. Also innovative banks have a real opportunity to challenge traditional banks looking at, for instance, the customer interface and therefore the customer relationship. The future of banking is far from certain. Understanding these swift developments and learning how to anticipate them is essential for bankers, regulators, and all key stakeholders in the financial services industry.

Unique european & asian insights

In a unique combination of insights from EU’s Open Banking experience and developments in Asia, the course delivers an insider perspectives from two top practitioners in the space.

Live Q & A Sessions with lecturers

Like an online MBA, students will be able to meet and discuss questions directly with our expert lecturers. Two live briefing sessions are scheduled in the 4-week course to ensure that all your questions are answered!

Small Classes But Global network

We create small classes of max 20 participants to allow in-depth working sessions with lecturers. Executives will also become a part of the Asia Payments Connect platform and can network with the global payments community.

Essential Modules

Highlights of our modular program include: – Business Models and Consequences for Users – Role of Regulator in Open Banking – API options for banks – Partnering Strategies for Banks – What Open Banking may develop into  

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The Open Banking Course Fee 2021 will be US$ 495.–  for a single registration.
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  • 12 modules
  • Live Q & A sessions
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  • 12 modules
  • Live Q & A sessions
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  • 12 modules
  • Live Q & A sessions
  • Reading materials
  • Certification

Who is it for?

This comprehensive Open Banking Course is ideal ‘fast-learning’ for professionals actively involved with (transaction) banking and payments in particular. In a total of 4 weeks, participants will get athorough understanding of what Open Banking is, and how this will impact the way we will transact, organize, initiate and process payments. Next to that, Open Banking will ‘open’ up more aspectswithin the financial logistics of clients/ consumers. A new world of ‘forward integration’ will develop.

This course is essential for bankers and all professionals engaged within the Financial ServicesIndustry such as:

  • – Account Managers
  • – Relationship Managers
  • – Product/Marketing Managers
  • – Technical Staff Managers
  • – Operational Managers (payments processing)
  • – Strategic consultants
  • – Regulators
  • – Third-party vendors of financial services
  • – Legal and compliance experts


Michael salmony

Dr Michael Salmony is Executive Adviser to the Board at equensWorldline SE, Europe’s leader in financial processing and transactional services, which processes over 17 trillion Euro per year. He is an internationally recognized leader on strategy of business innovations in digital and financial services.He is board-level adviser to major European banks, industry associations and European finance bodies. He regularly helps shape future directions in European decision making bodies e.g. European Commission, EPC, ERPB, and further national and international boards. His views are much in demand as keynote speaker at international events and he appears on TV/Radio/all electronic media on advances in finance and is quoted extensively (e.g. Financial Times, Harvard Business Manager, New Scientist, The Economist and by business schools and governments from Ghana to Malaysia). 

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paul brisk

Paul Brisk has over twenty-eight years’ experience working in consumer and retail payments. During this time, he has developed expertise on almost every aspect and component, both business and technical, of the end-to-end payment eco-system, from point of acceptance and the retailer, to acquirer, through to the issuer and consumer, and the role of the payment scheme. Paul’s focus has always been the impact and implementation of emerging technologies to the commerce ecosystem to create stakeholder benefit. Paul is currently Managing Director of the Jakarta based SmartData Indonesia. 


Next course dates

The next 4-week program will run from 15 February and 15 March 2021. Our live Q & A  sessions are planned after two weeks of starting date. The Q&A dates and times will be announced when registration closes.

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