Data powering financials

The Data Driven Transformation of Payments/Transactions

Date TBA 3pm SGT / 8am CET

Financial data is powering a new generation of ideas! Financial data has until recently been an untapped powerhouse of insight into a customer’s mind and heart.

Today this data is in the hands of consumers instead of being locked away in the bank’s back-offices. Consumers want to be more in control of their own financial data and would like to share it with whoever finds clever ways to transform it into valuable services.
So an enormous space for innovation and enabling a range of new ideas that can make a big impact in people’s lives. Also opening a (new) window of opportunities for financials… if they want to pick up…

This expert briefing will discuss state of the art developments in the market. Both the technical aspects of managing data and the way to open up. Some of the point for debate amongst the experts are:

• Is data is the new oil for Financials? How can financials benefit?
• How will this impact / replace the traditional fee-charging of present products & services?
• If the FSI does not anticipate; who will ?
• What will be the position of key cloud-players in the market place?
• Do we have to think out-of-the-box? Include information to deliver better, bolder products/services to enrich customers’ lives (not only financially!)
• Data, AI, and how regulations (data governance and privacy) will condition innovations…

A platform for innovation
Having access to data is one thing, but just like oil, data only really has value once it’s refined. At our expert briefing leading experts and thought-leaders will discuss this development and will illustrate the urgency of change within Financials to take control of data as a huge source of new income.

Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis

Director, Master of Financial Technologies (MFinTech), Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne