Hardtalk : Data governance - the magic wand for data wizards?

Check out this hardtalk on data governance between Michael Salmony, executive advisor at equens Worldline, and Kalliopi Spyridaki, chief privacy strategist, Europe & Asia Pacific at SAS.



Is data governance the magic wand for data wizards? From problematic cookie regulation to wide diversity in regulatory/market approaches globally, no single authority is really wielding that magic wand successfully.

Yet in today’s digital evolution and transformation, scalable and sustainable governance of data is more important than ever. In a big-data-fast reality, many financial institutions have to manage hundreds of thousands of data sources, potentially millions of different data sets, and a growing number of self-service users consuming and trying to manage that information.

At the same time, new and more prescriptive data legislation raises many questions on how to govern data in a user-friendly, secure, profitable and compliant way. Thus, it has become essential for every company to review its data governance policies. The handling of data has become a key topic on executives’ agenda.

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