ISO 20022
not just another standard: it’s about rich data

5 May 2021 | 3pm SGT / 8am CET

Executive Roundtable Debate

ISO 20022 – not just another standard: it’s about rich data


Many financial institutions are implementing Real-Time Payments schemes on the ISO 20022 standard. For some, ISO 20022 is just a technical standard. It is exactly that – but it leads to so much more. It is the basis for access to full data across the value chain. Forward thinking institutions know that rich data is now the key.

ISO 20022 is the key catalyst of change for banks to enter the age where data is a strategic asset. ISO 20022 allows the full data (not just a few characters of free text) to be connected end-to-end and, most importantly, allows all information to flow right from one side to the other (regardless of how many countries, banks, intermediaries, networks there may be in between). This full end-end access to the full data opens a whole new suite of opportunities for cost reduction and better service for both banks and customers. By exchanging richer information banks can redesign operations, improve on delivery and develop new products and interactions with their customers. 

This live expert Round Table will share deep-insights on the key operational, infrastructural and technical factors to support banks towards an optimal migration and use of the new opportunities. A change to modernize and optimize for decades to come. Key global ‘best-practices’ will be shared and discussed. 

Key Topics for discussion:

• What is the status of ISO 20022 in Asia and Europe

• Sharing key lessons learned from European best practice cases

• How will the cost for migration be compensated by increased standardization

• What are the key priorities for banks

• What new business models are enabled



Who will join?

Senior Executives from the financial services industry in Asia Pacific (by invitation)

Roundtable Speakers Highlight

Harry Smorenberg

Founder and CEO 
| SCC | Amsterdam

(Roundtable Moderator)

Stephen Peters

Head of Enterprise Payment Solutions | ASEAN and North Asia
| FIS | Singapore

Tanja Konrad

Head of Daily Banking Services | Erste Group | Austria

Adrian Lovney

CEO | New Payments Platform Australia Ltd | Sydney 

Roundtable Program

ISO 20022 Roundtable Program

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Banks face complex challenges with implementing ISO 20022. We discuss the ‘state-of-the-art’ situation with Stephen Peters and review best approach, the costs/benefits for banks and customers and the ideal route to a successful implementation.